About Us

Davie Village Post Ltd is a British Columbia incorporated company. Located in Vancouver, BC.
Davie Village Post strives to provide community content and facilitation of ideas for the LGBTQ
community in Vancouver and the West Coast of Canada.

Davie Village Post is a hub for news, entertainment and community life. Important and fun
information can be found in our Community Listings section. We provide free listings for LGBTQ
organizations, clubs, societies, outreach, faith, outdoors, sports and much more. We encourage getting your organization listed if it is not already listed. You can upload images and link video making your listing interactive. Once your listing has been approved it will appear on the site.

Davie Village Post Event Listings is a great way to enhance your events promotions. Free to use, we
have several options including links to your event website and ticket outlets. Once your listing has been approved it will appear on the site.

Davie Village Classifieds is your local buy and sell source. Register as a user and post 10 great looking ads for free every 30 days. You can register as a new user or use your twitter, Facebook or google+.
We don’t share information. For more read our Terms, Conditions Policies. Classifieds
do not approve nude images or images considered 18+ mature. Vulgar Language is not acceptable. Educational content would not be censored. We want to provide a clean site as there is already more than enough porn on the net. Clean as in no adult only content, sexy is fine, in fact encouraged. We believe in sexual freedom and encourage everyone to live their lives that way. Your feedback is important. Please share your ideas. Do you agree or disagree we would like to know.

The team at Davie Village Post have many years combined life experience in the community and feel a deep connection to Davie Village. It is the home, the hub of the LGBTQ community in Vancouver and BC. In fact to a great extent to Western Canada. Davie Village has a heart, it beats for you.

Davie Village Post

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